Manhunting. Kate’s search for Mr. Right is a lot harder since she’s spending so much time with Mr. Wrong. Kate Svenson may be a dynamite. “Planning on jumping? I wouldn’t. Blood’s hell to get out of silk.” “I’m just checking the weather,” Kate Svenson said patiently and continued to stare out her. “You’ve been engaged three times in the past three years and not one of them could keep you.” Manhunting was not Jenny’s title and she’s never liked it (it was .

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Crusie’s books a try, and I might even go back to the highly praised Welcome to Temptation. The bantering is great, witty, and irresistible.

A note about Steamy: She keeps leaving the men after realizing that they aren’t right for her. The way the story is written is very easy to read and makes you go through the book very quickly, but at the same time it is so fun to read that it is good that you get through it fast because you just can’t wait to read on and know what happens next.

View all 9 comments. Kate comes up with her plan of what the perfect man will be, and Jessie sends her out to a resort in the middle of nowhere in a small town jennicer find that perfect man.

Manhunting by Jennifer Crusie — All About Romance

Sure, it’s Jennifer Cruise. Jake and Kate were great people to spend time with. There are also a small handful of secondary characters who help create a warm feeling of majhunting without overpowering the main love story in this short book.

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I well remember being over thirty and wanting fervently to meet someone I could build a life with. Jake was terrific from the get-go and only a teensy bit on the Neanderthal side. Sep 05, Tiffany PSquared rated it liked it Shelves: After three failed eng Manhunting is like comfort food. The hero doesn’t want to do anything or so he tells himself as he pretends to fish and manages the outside of the resort, he is totally not looking for someone like Kate instead he doesn’t want anybody after all his marriage was a disaster with a wife who tried to make him more ambitious.

Book review: Jennifer Crusie’s *Manhunting*

Heroine I forgot her name already and I need to commence to doin’ my chores so I’m moving on. Both are smart, funny and entertaining. Is it for everyone?

I love the date scenes and how absolutely ridiculous they are. Kate has a plan for falling in love, and successful businesswoman that jennlfer is, she’s sure it will work too. Buy Manhunting by Jennifer Crusie: He wants nothing to do with Kate’s plan and is relieved when she says she isn’t interested in him.

See 2 questions about Manhunting….

Desert Isle Keeper

What could go wrong goes wrong for every man who tries to get close to the heroine, finally the hero tries his luck. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I looooved the friendship these two had and how they loved to tease each other. The only bright spot in her trip is meeting Jake. Refresh and try again. I really enjoyed watching her metamorphose into a semi-wild woman and do all the crazy things she kept trying to talk herself out of doing. Wonderful chemistry and enjoyable secondary characters.


While the novel rarely deviates from the traditional chick-lit formula, readers will have no trouble routing for Kate and eagerly waiting for a firm confirmation of the happy ending they predict from the first chapter.

Jake is beautiful and they have jennifr ton of fun together. Another fun read from Crusie.

It is so hard to write a good romantic comedy. I loved every minute of it.


Oct 31, Isabella rated it it was amazing Shelves: Current or rather more like early turn of the century. I did feel that Kate went through bigger crusiie growth than Jake, and especially after his nanhunting behavior in the last conflict, I wished for him to make a bigger turn around at the end.

The side characters were all fun too, I especially liked Nancy and the atmosphere of her bar. Her plan is a rigid one, and she targets the men who will most likely fit into her long-term goals.