Jonathan Lethem’s essays reveal surprising influences on his fiction. By Stuart Kelly. National Book Critics Circle Award Finalist A New York Times Notable Book A Best Book of the Year —Austin American-Statesman Includes a new, previously. The Ecstasy of Influence: Nonfictions, Etc. (Vintage Contemporaries) [Jonathan Lethem] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. National Book.

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Nov 30, Mary Jo rated it really liked it. This was way too left-brained and analytical for me. Anyway, a couple of good things in here, pop culture riff, the used bookshop, the bit on plaigarism. Having re-read the review in question, I’m just surprised Lethem didn’t keep his powder dry for Michiko Kakutani instead. By the time he had entered college, he had already decided that a career in writing was a possibility.

None of the music essays are anything more than okay, and the odds and ends on Brooklyn aren’t very interesting. Miller”Donald Sutherland’s Buttocks,” on those rare depictions of sex in movies influencce reach the heights of the scene in Nicholas Roeg’s Don’t Look Nowand the essays on Norman Mailer, Bolano’s the best critical appreciation of that absurdly great novel I’ve read thus farThomas Berger, Shirley Jackson, the various Mt.

The Ecstasy of Influence by Jonathan Lethem –review | Books | The Guardian

I actually don’t ecstas for a lot of reviews because I never see them. The second is the generation of writers who adapted http: I also keep changing my mind about them. Memory, ventriloquist but no dummy, loves the path of least resistance. View all 42 comments. I personally think that we should rather support each other to get inspired.


By the end I felt that I was too much in his brain! Lichberg later became a prominent journalist in the Nazi era, and his thhe works faded from view.

The Ecstasy of Influence by Jonathan Lethem –review

I will grant that they are mechanically better written than any of efstasy reviews, but that’s not saying much, most reviews on here are technically better written than mine. I just want to share my opinion and grow personally through doing it. I find reading Lethem exceedingly strange, not just for the chance encounter that I’ve detailed above.

The result is an insightful, charming, and entertaining grab bag that covers everything from great novels to old films to graffiti to cyberculture. They are boring to me. There were a couple that didn’t hold my interest—mostly the short fiction, which I simply wasn’t in the mood for when I picked up this book I’ll come back to itbut tne stuff that I wasn’t sufficiently familiar with to want to spend time with the essay, so when he uses the film, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance as an allegory for postmodernism, I just skimmed that essay because I have not seen the film though it is on my list now.

Lethem has a previous and much shorter collection of essays called The Disappointment ArtistI think that’s a fairly apt title for something of his, he’s not one of those writers that is always knocking it out of the park.


Klosterman still makes it interesting, Lethem not so much. However, someone would want to say the issue is the very intentional copy of idea or style, not just similarity. No, instead each memory is only a photocopy of the previous memory. How should we count on this problem? We don’t really have books like Trelawny’s Records of Shelley, Byron and the Author or Edmund Gosse’s Gossip in a Libraryso Lethem’s account of his time at Bennington, alongside Bret Easton Ellis and Donna Tarttis eyebrow-raising — especially the way in infkuence his anxiety about not being somehow disguised in The Secret History is marginally more painful than the idea that he johathan in it.

Dick jknathan a huge and well-regarded figure, not merely as a science-fiction writer but as a writer in general. It is a totally absorbing and ecstatic jonahhan, the sort of book you hold dear, the sort of book you keep in a special spot on your bookshelf so you can go back to it and refer to it. Oct 20, Andie rated it liked it. She is a preteen, whose charms instantly enslave him.

Return to Book Page. Stay in Touch Sign up. The songwriter has grabbed not only from a panoply of vintage Hollywood films but from Shakespeare and F. Now onto The Exegesis of Philip K.