Thieves’ Guild is a role-playing game published by Gamelords in Contents. 1 Description; 2 Publication history; 3 Reception; 4 Supplement; 5 References. Gamelords (The Companions produced the tavern furnishings) .. Thieves’ Guild â„¢ is part of Gamelords’ complete Fantasy Systemâ„¢, role-playing for the. Well, I had Thieves Guild 1 and we played it a bit. It’s a decent itteration of D&D. More stats, more theif skills. Lots of good thief adventures.

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The Looking Glass Podcasts mention the Thieves Guild books as part thievrs their research and inspiration when designing the first Thief game. ML C June 10, at You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Still in the original factory shrink wrap, with condition visible through shrink noted.

One problem of the series was the modularity – Gkild didn’t subscribe I seem to remember that was possibleand I missed some of the supplements, which drove me crazy!

The system occupies 33 pages in the initial TG installment, with the understanding that later products would fill out unexplored areas, which they did – if you buy an installment, it is going to be a grab bag of optional rules, modular encounters and small scenarios usually thiefes a common theme. I always wanted to know more about this one.

Fair Very well used, but complete and useable. Over fifty well-detailed NPCs, a timetable of events, and a gamelirds of interesting subplots provide the GM with a wide assortment of interesting encounters and diversions for the playes’ characters, as well as a detailed look at pickpocketing, lockpicking, and the effects of drunkeness.

Thieves’ Guild 4 2nd Printing. So, whether your players opt to rub shoulders with well-heeled guildsmen and wealthy dowagers in hopes of garnering a little bejeweled glory for themselves, or prefer to dare the tower of the mage, there’s plenty of exciting roguish adventure for all guils Thieves’ Guild 3!

It always seemed like a “better” or less “over-the-top” setting than the Judges Guild stuff. A foreign nobleman, Drak, has been treacherously arrested – and sentenced to a lifetime of hard labor in the backwater silver mines of Ashwood.


Who cares about a bunch of orcs in a cave when you can visit the House of Silk Veils, drink with the ruffians at the Prancing Pony and plan daring robberies and heists? You’ll mingle with the wealthiest nobles and guildsmen of the great city of Haven, and have the chance to pilfer some of the fantastic jewelry items that adorn their finery — or spend the night at the Duke’s estate, and try to find the centralized safe where these valuables will be kept after the ball!

In Thieves’ Guild 4you can be a member of the elite group of Guild thieves assigned to foil the Hand’s attempt to smuggle a rare set of enchanted crystal goblets out of the city. Like its predecessors, Thieves’ Guild 10 is a great mix of rip-roaring action and careful planning, and a true test of any adventurer’s skill!

I love that city, more than the Judges Guild stuff. Or will you, too, wind up digging silver till the end of your days?

So it was that Aript took Liodga away into the night like a theif. Sell us your stuff? Even ggamelords pirate vessels, to sail with at sea or to sail on!! In the Guild Space Setting, your characters may explore a new galaxy filled with dangers, wonders, and heroic adventure. The Fantasy System places the emphasis of the game back on role-playing and creative group interaction, and features simple, straightforward game mechanics, with a variety of optional additions for GameMasters who want to introduce greater realism into their campaign.


Beyond the Black Gate: Thieves’ Guild, by Gamelords

thievws It was developed near to where I lived so we considered it “ours”. Further guidelines focus on fields thieves may find interesting – these are separate subsystems for disguise, fencing, traders, a treatise on guild membership and structure, a justice system with a huuuuuge chart to determine outcomes; however, Judges Guild’s similar guidelines are more colourful.

Whether you’re a wily Guild veteran, or a new recruit, Thieves’ Guild 9 will provide you with hours of gaming pleasure and suspense – the perfect thieces for those hack-and-slash dungeon blues! In most cases, boxed games and box sets do not come with dice. Don yer bandanna and tie on the old eyepatch This was strange, for few of the priests would admit to favoring him for the position.


Views Gamelores Edit View history. Find out, in Escape from the Ashwood Minesthis issue’s feature scenario. When the ballots were cast and the tally made, it was discovered that to Liodga had gone the majority of votes. A rich caravan plods along the road, making little sound other than the rumble of wagon wheels and the hoofbeats of horses and oxen. The production values of Thieves Guild are thidves first printswere supposed to be three ring-bound, and were laid out on some primitive computer most likely ; reprints are in the shape of small thivees.

The travellers reached the Abbey without incident, and Liodga was inducted into the priesthood. Within the mountains of the Golden Plateau is a treasure trove of glowing magical crystals, capable of granting great power to their wielders, capable even of granting eternal life.

Thieves’ Guild (role-playing game)

What sort of reception can they expect from the powerful wizards rumored to inhabit this area? Gaining levels results in the occasional extra hit dice e. A “minus” sign indicates the opposite. If your players are looking for a place to spend their hard earned gains from their last expedition – seeking to establish a more permanent base of operations for their favorite adventurers – or are just plain tired of skulking around uncharted dungeon corridors for the twentieth week in a row-then bring them to Haven, the biggest and best fantasy city ever published.

This module utilizes the Thieves’ Guild rules system, but is compatible with any major fantasy role-playing system. Geshyan, a wise and respected patriach of the order, spoke out vehemently against the election of Liodga, but the chapter upheld the decision as it had been accomplished in the ancient way. You’ve been assigned by the Guildmaster to recover the Claw of Frithnath, a mighty emblem of arcane power.