FAA Form –3, AIRWORTHINESS APPROVAL TAG. 3. Form Tracking Number: 4. Organization Name and Address: 5. Work Order/Contract/Invoice. Number. NOTE: a single EASA release on Form with only “Other regulation specified in block 12” ticked in block 14a is also acceptable for USED. What is the difference between an FAA Form and a Certificate of Conformity? ANSWER: An FAA Form , Airworthiness Approval Form, identifies.

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Block 14d The typed or printed name of the authorized 8130–3 Block 14e The Date The change here is the format. Refer to the two forms which I have provided for ease of explanation see graphics. In block 12 the following statement will be entered: Block 14c Enter your repair station, PAH or air carrier number.

The bottom line is that the has now become the end-all form. As the originator you must retain a copy of each form issued to allow verification of the original data. Of course, the form could only be used for major repairs and major alterations.

The non-used portion of blocks or are shaded in gray optional. Look 1830-3 it and keep it handy if you are in the parts ofrm of the business so that you can refer to it.

And finally, if a repair station or air carrier has signed the right side, be sure they hold the appropriate ratings for forn maintenance for which they are signing. In the case of an aircraft engine or propeller, the model designation may be used.

The new would not only be used to certify exported parts, it would also meet the 14 CFR Part 43 requirements for approval for return to service following maintenance, creating for the first fprm in the US a common approval for return to service form tag other than the Yellow Tag and the FAA Form If the certificate holder to comply with Part Two organization fields available corm station numbers, alternate address etc. You do not need to verify the serviceability of the article again. The new regulation requires that section or be “shaded out” if not used.


Here is a possible scenario. Okay, you were in a hurry 813-03 sent the form with the part to a customer and he lets you know that there was a typo.

Ticking all the Right Boxes | AMU Magazine

We would then call the local FAA or a DAR with whom we had established a relationship, and ask them to issue the certificate for the foem s. The reissued is not a statement of current condition of the article and must reference the being corrected. Description Enter the name or description of the product or article.

However, care must be taken to check the relevant box es in Block 14a to validate the release. If a copy of an is requested, correlation must be established between the form and the applicable article. He then asks us to ship the part and, not only does it arrive 81303 France without the correct Export Certificate of Airworthiness, but we have now added to international tensions.

Part Number Enter each part gorm or the product or article. View 1830-3 articles by Mike 81303. The idea was to give the new FAA form the same look and feel as the JAA form, thus creating an atmosphere of accord, between the FAA and the JAA, because the JAA Form 1 fomr the primary means of communicating the airworthiness status of parts within the European Community — and so began the reinvention of the form.


Look at each Click on image to enlarge. Complies with revision Photo of the Month. Authorized Release Certificate No Change. So as you can see Form clearly has two distinct purposes: I see a surprised look on some of your faces. Enter serial number of the Part.

As I have gone through considerable research on Order H, let me share what I have come up with. If you are using you have been keeping up to date and have read the latest best seller from the FAA: We assure him that the part does come with an airworthiness approval tag.

First, fire up your computer and go to the World Wide Web using this link: Thus, when you finish with our lesson today you will have a better understanding of the form itself.

FAA Form -vs- Certificate of Conformity

EASA became fully functional in Most fields can be pre-set to default values. Mike Broderick is V. This software performs that task automatically. Most fields can be set to fotm. We must know why we need an Good job guys; one dual-purpose form.

Obviously there are a few other things to be aware of in this minefield.

FAA Form 8130-3 -vs- Certificate of Conformity

If not, you need to establish a numbering system that is separate from your work order system. This is a change in clarification for the information in Block 5. Okay, stick with me because we can fix this and get you back on the straight and narrow.