Fighting with the Quarterstaff By David Lindholm Chivalry Bookshelf ISBN: pp. “This book is a result of an interest that I have had for a. The short staff [ie. quarterstaff] or half pike, forest bill, partisan, or glaive, For the purposes of combat these weapons were interchangeable. Medieval Weapons; Quarterstaff; Quarterstaff Weapon Definition; Quarterstaff Weapon Fighting Techniques. QuarterStaff Weapon Images, History, Facts.

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The plate of the armour was made from heavy metal on which quarterstaff made little difference. For an example of spear-like staff, see: This article is about the weapon. George Silver’s short staff, which was ft, had a metal tip at each end.

Red Furmax added it Feb 16, Be the first to ask a question about Fighting with the Quarterstaff. If we agree with the latter theory, then his use of the quarterstaff as a training weapon for a pike, halberd, or other polearm make it very useful for battlefield use.

Jim Sanderson rated it really liked it Jan 01, Nearly every German martial manuscript follows this tradition, and glosses many of Liechtenauer’s verses, attempting to explain or expand upon them. The general elements of the quarterstaff, however, was observed in its production such as the use of a quarter wood, the length of 6 feet or more and the use of iron to tip the ends of the staff.

Dave Carleton rated it really liked it Aug 27, It soon came to be used extensively in gladiatorial prize-fighting in England. It was light-weight and was considered one of the most effective hand weapons. Quarrterstaff quarterstaff quarterstaft traditionally made from the wood of oak, ash fightint hawthorn.

I know a really easy way out would just have the spearhead be a regularly detachable thing, but I think that that would just be too easy. Ann Tlusty, in her The Martial Ethic in Early Modern Germany however, makes a concrete case that swords and swordsmanship were far from useless in mid 16th century Quarterstagf, and Meyer’s prohibition of the thrust may have had more to do with demonstrating your desire to defend yourself, quraterstaff opposed to just murdering someone in the street.


The oldest surviving English work giving technical information on staff combat dates from the 15th century — it is a brief listing of “strokes of the 2-hand staff”, which shares terminology with the preceding “strokes of the 2-hand sword” in the same manuscript. Stick fighting and the use of sticks in formal and informal fights was prevalent in England by the 15th century.

It was recommended that when delivering a blow that at the end of it the back leg and foot should be compassed about so as to fall roughly into a line with the front foot and the point of the weapon. Out of doubt, out of dark to the day’s rising I came singing in the sun, sword unsheathing.

Quarterstaff – Wikipedia

The combat had numerous witnesses, as it was fought as part of Peeke’s trial in the presence of numerous Spanish dignitaries, including the Duke of Medina Sidonia, commander of the Spanish forces. Just to add some more examples for diversity’s sake: Brad rated it really liked it Dec 24, My reason for this selection stems from the fact that they do all display some differences in their approach to the weapon and the selection makes it hopefully easier you when you pick up a translation of Maier for instance or some other material.

Joseph Swetnamwriting indistinguishes between the “quarterstaff” of 7 or 8 feet 2.

Thrusts called “darts” by Wylde were often performed with the release of the forward hand and a step with the forward leg like a fencing lungestretching forward the back hand as far as possible.

Of these the low guard is considered the central guard. Quarterstaff Weapon Fighting Techniques Quarterstaff Weapon Fighting Techniques The quarterstaff, as a weapon, could be used in fighting in many different ways.

Greg added it Mar 13, I know that this is primarily for arms and armor, but I think this forum would be great for advice on fighting styles and techniques, so I hope you do not mind.

Medieval Quarterstaff Weapon

Wikipedia articles needing clarification from September Articles lacking in-text citations from April All articles lacking in-text citations Articles needing additional references from July All articles needing additional references. The quarterstaff could be struck directly, though various techniques were used in striking with a quarterstaff against an opponent also armed with the same weapon.

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In 19th century, the quarterstaff was increasingly made from bamboo which was introduced in England through India. Even fightnig same historical source can be interpreted in very different ways. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. But note that if you’re using a spear, and the opponent moves in very close, you use the spear like a staff – you swing and hit, using both wlth.

Patrick rated it really liked it Sep 08, Want quarrterstaff add to the discussion? In the next section, he states that the lengths of “the battle axe, halberd, or black bill, or such like weapons of weight Last edited by Benjamin H.

Given the light-weight of a quarterstaff and the fact that it was easy to wield, fighring number of fighting techniques emerged. The deadliness of staff combat was perhaps most convincingly demonstrated by Richard Peeke inwho claimed to his Spanish captors that like Silver said an Englishman with a quarterstaff alone was superior to Spanish swordsmen.


There is a picture in that link of a person demonstrating how to find the perfect length for those weapons. In his dusack section, for instance, he states that the dusack is:. The Spaniards took him up on the boast, removed the head of a halberd, and had him fight 3 sword-and-dagger-armed Spaniards simultaneously.

Paperbackpages. Markus Petz added it Mar 26, Trampas Jones marked it as to-read Jul 31, The Quarterstaff evolved out of the medieval tradition of stick-fighting.

A Quarterstaff was a kind of pole-weapon that evolved out of the practice wigh stick-fighting which had been prevalent in European martial arts. I will first cover the quarterstaff as a basis of all long weapons