Such is the case in Eliot Schrefer’s dazzling, big-hearted novel “Endangered,” which has been named a National Book Award finalist in the. Schrefer (“The Deadly Sister”) presents the compelling tale of a girl who must save a group of bonobos — and herself — from a violent coup in the Congo. In ENDANGERED, Eliot Schrefer plunges us into a heart-stopping exploration of the things we do to survive, the sacrifices we make to help.

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The writing isn’t bad, exactly, but it’s not good enough to make up for this flaw with the character. Or at least well enough to see her thoughts.

But overall, enjoyed this very much.

Set in war torn Congo, this is the story of a girl and the bonobo she saves, who gy up saving her right back. Why I like this book: Their parents are divorced and Sophie is visiting her mom for the summer.

I could definitely picture the surroundings and bonobo behavior very clearly.

Parts of it are beautiful and brightly colored, but, as Sophie points out, one of the brightest colors of the color is red. This is an absolutely must read for anyone looking for a real world book about love, animals, friendship, and war.

Aug 07, Laura Phelps rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is technically a thriller, fast paced, schrefe gasp-inducing developments.


Reading as a adult, sometimes it feels like Mr. In general, the author does a tremendous job of burying the cultural divide Sophie feels in the beginning she grew up in the Congo but moved back to the U.


I’m very much looking forward to sharing this as a read-aloud with my students – or at least excerpts of it. I started twiddling out reviews as a class assignment two years ago thinking it would help me remember novels when book-talking with students. View all 3 comments. If you want more try: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

In a land that has people killing and eating bonobos and selling babies on the black market, to say nothing of killing each other, where does one run? It’s a fine line of just how much detail to show when writing a book schrecer middle grade and young adult readers about life in a war zone. The people who worked in the bonobo sanctuary were alive one moment and then endangeres the reader finds out that they are dead.

Published October 1st by Scholastic Press first published September When Sophie has to travel to Congo, a dangerous country on its way to war, She is not schreder.

Endangered (Ape Quartet #1) by Eliot Schrefer

While on their way and nearing a checkpoint: While visiting her mother at the sanctuary, she blunders her way into taking charge of Otto, a baby bonobo. But it was so incredibly relatable: Two opposable thumbs up! Oct 14, Monica Edinger rated it it was amazing. S Sophie was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo. But adventure stories with young narrators have always been implausible. Also as a passionate animal advocate, I recognize it is also very difficult for outsiders who focus on animal welfare, to comprehend endanngered needs of a people in the depths of poverty.

Books by Eliot Schrefer. Refresh and try again. At the sanctuary Sophie works to save the young ape whom she bg Otto. Other books in the series. This is the first five star review I’ve given that is five stars for how I would’ve viewed this book as the target audience.

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Not long after the transaction in which Sophie purchased Otto for what is, in that country, an astronomical sum of American cash, the bh man shows up at the sanctuary with a pair of even-younger baby bonobos to sell.

Now she just goes back to visit her mother who has a bonobo sanctuary there. I ended it a sobbing mess.

Jun 29, Michael rated it it was amazing. Schrefer has created ebdangered an environment that Endangered almost feels dystopian in ways. Sophie, who grew up in the Congo, endangeded lived for the past six years with her father in the United States. I do consider it my top read of Safety and friendship and humanity. Sophie doesn’t dwell on the deaths of people, she’s too busy trying to survive and schtefer forces traumatic thoughts out of her mind. This is a book that will leave thoughtful readers with a bigger view of the world in all its beauty and in all its sadness, too.

When the electrified fence loses its charge, Sophie must figure out a way to find safety for herself and Otto. As they trek across the Congo, surrounded by conflict and despair, Sophie and Otto, depend on each other for survival.