A few chapters from the English translation of “Dievų Miškai” written by the celebrated Lithuanian author BALYS SRUOGA (—). Translated by Aušrinė. Faktas, kad ši knyga egzistuoja, nes autorius dažnai užsimena, kad blogiausia kas gali Dievų miškas – memuarų knyga, parašyta m. Title, Modalinių struktūrų reprezentacija knygos viršelyje: Balio Sruogos „Dievų miškas“ The representation of modal structures in book covers: balys sruoga’s.

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It made it different and that’s why I’m giving it four stars. It is difficult to believe that such a piece was written by a person sentenced to die By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But there are some sort of slivers wading through the soul upon leaving the sitting and soaking corpses in that manner.

His ethical sense grows dull; kngga acts no longer seem so loathsome. No, — the live corpses in the eyes of the government could not be likable customers! The irony is a way of coping with grotesque reality, the only way of keeping sanity. The blueprints for the camp were colossal with space for more than one hundred thousand prisoners, ,so the construction was far from being finished even in Miskaa such an atmosphere, the cruel psyche of the camp resident matures. On the white sands, sifted into hills though the hands of a superior force — tall and spindly pines in the guises of yeshiva students.


When I read this book for the first time I was only 14 years old. About man’s love for his close ones, about humanism, there were once written many books The film “The Forest of the Gods” became the most profitable film released after Lithuania gained independence. Dec 11, Fireminess rated it really liked it. It’s hard to rediscover the golden mean, hard to tell the difference between self-preservation and kmyga injury to a friend.


Faster, you dog shit! By its edge with their eyes closed, others—with open eyes, naked with a number marked down with chemical pencils on the chest and belly.

But, with the intervening time dulling the familiarity of the genre, reading this memoir drove home the point that the real power of these histories often lies in the details.

He contributed to cultural journals from his early youth.

Balys Sruoga

Oct 13, Marius rated it it was amazing. They rolled us out of the truck, and set us up in rows of five men by a huge red brick building overgrown with trees. Suddenly he succulently cursed and again began tromping around. Until very few knew of this isolated corner. This little place nestled itself on the shores of the Baltic Sea, forty five kilometers east from the city of Danzig. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Such incredible brown concentration camp glimpses no one has yet given Therefore, it is concluded that book covers represent literary works very briefly not only in figurative, but also in a modal level.

When someone decides that a little more comfort in the camp would be a nicety, then when all outside ears are deaf and all outside eyes are blind and do not interfere with the employee propaganda, that is the time to ingratiate oneself with the camp landlord, adulating his cultural and creative talents.


With Jurgutis, I stood first in line — we were the first to step through the mysterious doors, guarded by two dark men.

Forest of the Gods, which is a prose work of his remembrances from Stutthof, already translated into Russian, Polish, French and Latvian, is presently being translated into English by B. Today he is dragged by four, tomorrow I may be bounced around by one leg — for these trivialities, a corpse should not feel insulted. Otherwise, it was empty and barren, except for the pathetic rustlings of slender pines, as if they soughed in tearful sighs, remembering those times when the joyful gods raised their revelries.

The quickened panting of two men. Without overt bitterness, Sruoga has you catching yourself almost laughing at what is simultaneously legitimately horrifying you.

Milling around the room. Danzig’s surrounding areas are all in all quite rich in myths and legends, in which personages of Lithuanian origins and with Lithuanian names work in mysterious ways. To his own surprise he meets his friends, people of Lithuanian intellectual community, in the holding cells.

Forest of the Gods [Dievu Miskai] – Balys Sruoga

Then he’d walk among them and flail the stick every which way. Others — gaped and stared.

He also wrote various articles on literature.