Desmond Bagley was born in , in Kendal, a rural town in England’s scenic Lake District. He left school aged fourteen and worked for a number of years in. Action thriller by the classic adventure writer set in assignment begins with a simple errand – a parcel to deliver. But to Alan Stewart, stand. Running Blind by Desmond Bagley. Annabel /. Reviewed by Annabel. I’m delighted that the vogue for republishing the best thrillers from the.

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What is in that package? Feb 08, Gena Lott rated it really liked it Shelves: When his boss says it will take a couple of hours, Alan says that the answer is just a button press away: However, immediately things go very wrong, very quickly.

The Scarperers, a brilliantly organized gang that gets long-term inmates out of prison, spring a notorious Russian double agent. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Jun 22, Andrew rated it really liked it. His works have been translated into over 20 languages.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The full-length thriller involves murder and corruption on a Caribbean island before a plot twist leads to an all-action finale.

Steel rated it it was amazing. Published September 1st by House of Stratus first published January 1st Jul 29, Graeme Ing rated it it was amazing Shelves: Stewart already hated Slade and now he hates him even more. The Spoilers Another new novel and a definitely low point, the story is weak and utterly unbelievable. Although Desmond Bagley’s espionage thriller first published in and republished in is in many respects a product of its time although I have to say that it wasn’t nearly as sexist as I feared it would beit’s still a fast-paced, entertaining action thriller that kept me turning the pages from beginning to end.

Views Read Edit View history. Please request permission before reposting. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. It was published in and would have been cutting edge at the time, complete with a couple of mentions of the moon landing from the previous year.


Books by Desmond Bagley. Given that espionage is a very dangerous game his attitude is perhaps not entirely unreasonable. And he’s right – Bagley reads much better than Maclean now that I’m older. His last two novels Night of Error and Juggernaut were published eunning after completion by his wife. A rare abandoned first draft of Desmond Bagley’s novel Running Blind, discovered in the author’s archived papers, provides the back story to the novel’s protagonist Alan Stewart.

Running Blind by Desmond Bagley | Shiny New Books

To be sure, none of them wrote the page brainkillers resmond became popular in the 80s; but their page novels are well-plotted, expertly written, and rarely feel over-long. There are spies and counterspies, and double-agents all mixed in with a good piece of misdirection and misinformation.

I was advised to read this to get a sense of the Icelandic landscape. The Golden KeelHigh CitadelWyatt’s Hurricane The first 3 books, all new to me, were pleasant surprises and it was plain to see why Bagley so quickly became a best-seller novelist, the stories are well written with a fast pace and a sense of detail which makes them readable even today.

Though I had a chuckle at one piece of outdated technology.

It’s supposed to desmnod an easy hand-off in Iceland, no problem at all for Stewart who speaks the language like a native and who has the cover of a girlfriend in the country and regular fishing trips to Iceland to mask his real purpose. When it comes to entertainment literature I can very much appreciate books that expands my knowledge of the English language and also provides somewhat in-depth information about some specialized topic, in what areas really isn’t important at gunning.

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Running Blind is a first person narrative espionage thriller novel by English author Desmond Bagleyfirst published in with a cover by Norman Weaver. Create a website or blog at WordPress. Bagley writes a quality spy thriller with lots of action, lots of killing, but a solid story surrounding our hero and rnning reasons for his adventures.


Running Blind / Freedom Trap

Persuaded is perhaps the wrong word. My favourite Bagley book, it’s on my annual read list. This page was last edited on 1 Julyat Your email address will not be published.

Running Blind was first published in and it has aged runniny. Posted by dfordoom at With very sound descriptions of Iceland, its blinv and features, there are bad guys and good guys, and some who seem good but are certainly bad, trying to get track each other and obtain some things that balgey important to all. They go off into the wild volcanic countryside: His gun lore extends beyond movie cliches: Then he ends up with a dead stranger at his feet and is quickly subsumed into a situation where Russians, British and mavericks seem to collide in a Cold War themed thriller.

The fact that it’s almost fifty years old doen’t matter much. Really enjoyed this review Annabel. What’s in the pack Retired British secret agent Alan Stewart is blackmailed into doing a simple job. Of the three, my sense is that Bagley has best survived the changing times and literary fashions. With very sound descriptions of Iceland, its countryside and features, there are bad guys and good guys, and some who desmpnd good but are certainly bad, trying to get track each other and obtain some things that are impo Alan Stewart has been out of the “Department” for a few years and is finding life in Iceland to blid liking.