Dale Pendell (April 14, – 13 January ) was an American poet, ethnobotanist, and novelist. Writing in an evocative style all his own, he fused science. In Pharmako/Poeia, Dale Pendell offers a mesmerizing guide to psychoactive plants, from their pharmacological roots to the literary offshoots. “This is a book,”. Dale Pendell Has Written Two Books on Botanical Pharmacopeia That Resonate With a Lusty Wit. He May Be America’s Answer to Blake.

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Full text of “Militia and Survival Big Books Collection”

Nicotiana tabacum Psychotropes 42 46 Pituri: The Vlant Scirpus, or bulrush, is eosmopolitan, but prefers the temperate and subarctie zones. One of the strangest books I ever read. The fivefold scheme is eoarse, but has pnarmacopoeia value of tradition. Is on the power the plants hold to be used: Sometimes Salvia divinorum grows up through the ground where your feet are resting, then rushes up through your legs and body.

So why not just tell it hke it is?

Then she will give you some handy stuff, like a couple of soldiers perhaps, for protee- tion, and then she will begin the teaching by giv- ing you a plant, and a song.


It is reported that half a million people die from the direct or indirect effects of tobacco in the United States every year. Tree structures are best used to describe evolutionary relationships, relationships based on lineal history.

You will gasp for breath. Like tobacco, in small pendwll pituri is used as a stimulant and mild tranquilizer.

Bought a rolling machine. Feel every hour of the day a tedious distraction and ordeal. Certain people and peoples have already conducted extensive tests on these plants — much more protracted studies than could pendfll carried out by the Eood and Drug Administration EDA in a mere generation.

It lasts about half an hour. Here we get into methodology. This is a book of imagination and poetry. On one level it is the plant itself. Or perhaps on the five-element, eight-sided mandala of the I Adle, as Fama Govinda has explored.

Mercury House and colophon are the registered trademarks of Mercury House, Incorporated. The cabin lay right across what pharmacopoeiq have been the wasp equivalent of an “elephant walk, ” because wasps of many varieties were constantly crawling in and out, making their way through, or collecting on the windows.


Tobacco Tobacco has to do with energy. He’s even a software engineer! Books by Dale Pendell. They each have a poem in this book. Five is a good number in the phamracopoeia world, and one that is conspicuously absent from the mineral work.

Pharmako/Poeia: Plant Powers, Poisons, and Herbcraft by Dale Pendell

Views Read Edit View history. Its chemistry is uncertain, and few of the hun- dreds of other species within the genus have ever pharmacoooeia studied for psychoactivity. Eternal peace, or great terror. Our endeavor is to con- sider the effects of a variety of plants upon consciousness, and to classify the plants thereby. That should be plain. The Plant All the treachery of our beloved poisons is evident in this plant.

Dale Pendell

A cigarette is the perfect type of a perfect pleasure. Beneath “species,” he lists chemical compounds. We offer a simple test for otherworldly explorations: We might also say that life, being both attractive and constantly dangerous, is intoxicating and ultimately toxic.