This manual, the infamous KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation, dated July , is the source of much of the material in the second manual. KUBARK. Essential Guide to Interrogation and Torture: CIA KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation Manual, Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual, Art and. KUBARK Manual: A User’s Guide to Torture? – The KUBARK manual was written by the CIA in the s as a means of standardizing interrogation techniques.

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Interrogators who adopt them and who note in an interrogatee one or two counterinteligence the characteristics of “Type A” may mistakenly assign the source to Category A and assume the remaining traits. If the interrogator is counterintelligejce certain of the facts in the case but cannot secure an admission from either A or B, a written confession may be prepared and A’s signature may be reproduced on it.

Such opening remarks by subjects as, “I know what you so-and-so’s are counterinttelligence, and I can tell you right now that you’re not going to get it from me” are best handled by an unperturbed “Why don’t you tell me what has made you angry?

Accordingly, unless it is considered that the prospective interrogatee is cooperative and will remain so indefinitely, the first step in planning an interrogation is to determine how long the source can be held. He should have on paper or firmly in mind all the questions to which he seeks answers.

On the other hand, there are valid objections to the adoption of countrrintelligence categories for interrogation purposes however valid they may be as KUCAGE concepts. I wanted to follow up on the following Freedom of Information request, copied below, and originally submitted on Jan.

The Boston Globe ]. Its purpose is to provide guidelines for KUBARK interrogation, and particularly the counterintelligence interrogation of resistant sources.

Such facts as are available suggest that the latter have a slight advantage. If the interrogator is unaware of this unconcsious process, the result can be a confused battle of submerged attitudes, in which the spoken words are often merely a cover for the unrelated struggle being waged at lower levels of both personalities. But no one of them is persistently dominant; the average man’s qualities of obstinacy, unrealistic optimism, anxiety, and the rest are not overriding or imperious except for relatively short intervals.


The kind of person who cannot help personalizing, who becomes emotionally involved in the interrogation situation, may have chance and even spectacular successes as an interrogator but is almost certain to have a poor batting average. He will be offended and may become wholly uncooperative if faced with insistent demands for the naked what.

The CI interrogation techniques are discussed in an order of increasing intensity as the focus on source resistance grows sharper.

TRANSCEND MEDIA SERVICE » CIA, KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation Manual

The more the screener knows about the intdrrogation native coynterintelligence and cultural background, the less likely is he to disturb the subject by an incongruous remark. Although extremely dependent and passive, he constantly demands that others take care kubagk him and gratify his wishes. Sometimes he seems determined to atone; at other times he insists that whatever went wrong is the fault of somebody else.

In either event he seeks constantly some proof or external indication that the guilt of others is greater than his own. The time available for unilateral testing and exploitation should be calculated at the outset, with a fair regard for the rights and interests of other members of the intelligence community.

For him the surrender of self-system to authoritarian-system was natural, as was the very principle of martyrdom. An interrogatee who is withholding imterrogation of no grave consequence to himself may sometimes be persuaded to talk by the simple tactic of pointing out that to date all of the information about his case has come from persons other than himself.

For the Bush administration memos, see Torture Memos. The person cast in the informer’s role may have been let out a back door at the beginning of these proceedings; or if cooperative, he may continue his role.

The Baltimore Sun was investigating “kidnapping, torture and murder” committed by the Honduran Battalion death squad. The two-man team, in particular, is subject to unintended antipathies and conflicts not called for by assigned roles. Interrofation Detailed Questioning 4.

The interrogator must know exactly what he wants to know. If face-saving is necessary to the interrogatee it will be a waste of time to try to force him to cut the preliminaries short and get down to cases. Practices like starvation, keeping inmates in small, windowless cells with unchanging artificial light and forcing inmates to sit or stand in uncomfortable positions stress positions for long periods of time have been decried or banned outright by the United States government.


It also intensifies in the source the feeling of being cut off from friendly aid. Documents from Bloc countries, or those which are in any respect unusual or unfamiliar, are customarily sent to the proper field or headquarters component for technical analysis.

CIA declassifies new portions of Cold War-era interrogation manual

The Theory of Coercion C. Why does a person convict himself through a interrobation, when, at the very worst, no confession would leave him at least as well off and possibly better off? If he seeks to induce cooperation by an appeal to logic, he should first determine whether the source’s resistance is based on logic. I believe the latest version of this important document significantly adds to our historical understanding of CIA activities in the Cold War, and puts the lie to the idea that CIA rendition or the use of foreign agencies as a front for interrogation was something that began in the George W.

Less well known is the trick of planting two informants in the cell.

Here, too, a flat rule is unrealistic. The proprietary interests of the host government will intfrrogation dictate interrogation by a liaison service rather than by KUBARK. These manuals were prepared by the U. All analyses of the defector-refugee flow have shown that the Orbit services are well-aware of the advantages offered by this channel as a means of planting their agents in target countries.

MDR for Full Text of July “KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation” Manual • MuckRock

Another reason for avoiding note-taking is that it distracts and sometimes worries the interrogatee. The fourth is ideological resistance.

The source owes it to counterintelpigence to be sure that the interrogator hears both sides of the story.