Finn has escaped Incarceron, but Keiro and Attia are still Inside. Outside, things are not at all what Finn expected – and both Finn’s and Claudia’s very lives hang . Editorial Reviews. Review. Amazon Exclusive: A Letter from Catherine Fisher. In the dark Prison of Incarceron, the prisoners tell tales of a. Finn has escaped Incarceron, but Keiro and Attia are still Inside. Outside, things are not at all what Finn expected – and both Finn’s and Claudia’s very.

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Outside of Incarceron, the Sapienti are greatly respected for their knowledge and often are allowed to breach protocol. View all 17 comments.

Should he die without passing on his knowledge, the Esoterica must be opened. This just wasn’t as good as the first. In the study Claudia sensed them, in the sparks and crackles on the screen.

Sapphique – Wikipedia

They wear special robes to distinguish themselves from others. So Jared is Incarceron? Romance is not to be found in Sapphique, even though the book ends with an engagement in place for two of them. catuerine

sqpphique I liked how Keiro and Attia were still trapped in the prison, so we weren’t cut off from its awesomeness entirely, but somehow it didn’t feel as interesting in this one.

For Incarceron has gone insane and is determined to Escape itself A duel ends with the Dapphique being shot in the hand and Finn fleeing, Jared easily escapes assassination when his would-be-killer is electrocuted, the great Battle between Finn and the Queen ends before a real shot is even fired. This was one of the most amazing books I have read in a long time.


It was warm and sticky and there were waves of it, washing over her like pain. Meanwhile, Attia is desperate to see Finn again, but he barely gives her a thought — he’s too worried about Keiro.

Not one character is entirely good or completely horrible. I think Fisher sort of shrugged in the general direction of that subplot.

I gave the first book in this series a bit of a light ride, because I was intrigued by the ideas, and thank goodness, it was something different in a mass of fantasy books that were decidedly running together. Keiro, Attia, Claudia, and Finn all stay exactly the This just wasn’t as good as the first. Fisher said that as she was completing Incarceronshe knew that another book would be necessary to complete the story.

Claudia and Finn don’t have any feelings for each other, protocol I just finished the book and I have to say it left me a bit cold. But once when I got into the story, I couldn’t stop reading.

SAPPHIQUE by Catherine Fisher | Kirkus Reviews

The price exacted upon even the humblest characters is portrayed unflinchingly; yet the selfishness, deception and treachery of every catjerine does not prevent them from being painfully sympathetic and real. Nevertheless, this series is worth a read, if only for the speculative aspects of both novels. They are then summoned by Incarceron to go to a certain location, that has its humanoid body, and along the way they go to a nursery that gets them in contact with Finn.


I understand him a little bit better and that made me like him!

Sapphique Quotes

Maybe sometime down the road. Which pair do you support and why? The plot moved much more quickly in this book than it did in the first, and I was grateful for that. He still can’t remember his past life as Prince Giles, and he’s plagued by memories Keiro, trapped in Incarceron; the Maestra’s death and the lack thereof; he’s got nothing but strange seizures and blackouts to back his claims of tampered memory, and a second Prince Giles has showed up to challenge Finn’s claims.

Jared knows more about the portal than them, thus he starts working on it.

But even as the fisehr agreed, he felt its hidden laughter. Even as the steadily ratcheting certainty of impending catastrophe keeps the pages turning, the sheer richness of the evocative descriptions demands that every sentence be savored.

It is also the mother-tongue of the prison.

Truth and facts are relative, and this may be frustrating for some readers. Fieher the Dragon I give you my hand. The lights stayed dark. And then Sapphique climbed over the fense and killed the many-headed monster and picked the apple, because he wanted to know, you see.