Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Amanda J. Greene is a paranormal romance author. When she is not writing, she can be found playing the role of a. Caressed by Moonlight (Rulers of Darkness) (Volume 1) [Amanda J. Greene] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Dorian Vlakhos is no. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Amanda J. Greene is an erotic paranormal romance 1. Caressed by Moonlight (Rulers of Darkness Amanda J. Greene.

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If you are a vamp fan, you need to hit this series.

As the target of witches and hunters, there is an all out war gy their kind and he must moonlitht for his people. Dimitri is a multifaceted character that will have your heart by the end of the book! While there’s nothing earth shatteringly new or original, I do recommend the book. There is action, suspense, lots of sexual tension, family drama, and love.

Greene’s Rulers of Darkness Series. You can’t be set somewhere and totally ignore what was going on in that era, sure the characters can also dictate but it needs to omonlight a nice melding of those factors that produce a great story. What a fantastic cast we have here. Victoria isn’t used to the coming out ball’s, she’s lived in the country away from all that social must do!


(Regency Vampire Romance): Caressed by Moonlight by Amanda J. Greene – Fictional Thoughts

Kerstyn’s luck is not good, her car has died, she has been accused of messing with her room mates a,anda and she is short of money, also she needs to find somewhere else to live. Dimitri Arsov, the last remaining pure vampire, was thought to be dead j.greene the past four hundred years. The attraction between the heroine who must marry within a month and the carewsed, brooding-light vampire hero fell flat.

With the help of her friend Sylvie and Dimitri she will gain a roof over her head and enough cars to transport her to her varying destinations. With this debut novel, the author ticks all the right boxes, So much so i look forward to the next book. I’m all for a hot book. Books by Amanda J.

The fact that its hero was vampire swayed me. One of Dimitri ‘s powers is seeing the future.

Holding no real sinister darkness either. Don’t worry, guys, Dimitri can stand firm in the face of adversity. It calls to me, beckons me to have a taste. Stubborn and at times pushy she endeared me to her from page one.

(Regency Vampire Romance): Caressed by Moonlight by Amanda J. Greene

It’s there where m.greene Romancing the Dark Side Review: In the matter of one day, Kerstyn’s life is ruined. Once he comes face to face with her, he knows she is his intend mate. Overall, I enjoyed the latter half of the book definitely enough to make up for the first and I hope the next one continues on the high note. Giving her an impossible ultimatum to marry a random suitor catessed the end of the month, Victoria tries her best to find a suitable gentlemen, or she surely will lose guardianship of her sister forever.


Caressed by Moonlight is a spectacular historical romance with strong elements of paranormal and erotic romance cxressed will captivate readers with its fluid writing style, action, sexual tension and romance. Individually, Kerstyn and Dimitri were both interesting characters.

Caressed by Night

Rescued by a ‘blonde god’ she curses herself for not giving him her number. It seemed that, at times, their connection was a bit forced, which is what made me lower my rating of Caressed by Night.

After meeting the beautifully innocent Miss Kingston, Dorian had to have her. No matter that most of them are false.

Other books in the series. But since this book is a standalone it’s not completely necessary.