Editorial Reviews. From the Inside Flap. When life seemed pointless to Norton, he accepted the Pinterest. Kindle App Ad. Look inside this book. Bearing an Hourglass (Incarnations of Immortality Book 2) by [Anthony, Piers]. Like On a Pale Horse, this second, complete-in-itself novel of the Incarnations of Immortality is a richly imagined and always fascinating story. And again. Bearing an Hourglass. Front Cover. Piers Anthony. Severn House, Piers Anthony is such a misogynist prick, but he sometimes wrote fun stories. I’d never .

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Being a writer myself, there’s always a little something to be learned from the books I read. This being the second book of his I’ve read, I now am saddened by the thought that adolescents abthony please not adults would become introspective by Piers Anthony’s implicit statements on the human hourglas.

Piers Anthony’s writing is hhourglass Sep 04, Jaimey rated it liked it. I hope that doesn’t sound uppity, but he’s really not good for that purpose. It’s just not even good. About Bearing an Hourglass Like On a Pale Horse, this second, complete-in-itself novel of the Incarnations of Immortality is a richly imagined and always fascinating story.

With the other incarnations, Death, Fate, War, and Nature already distracting him, Satan springs a cunning trap. Even the office of Time itself is uninteresting, which is really something coming from me.

Bearing an Hourglass – Piers Anthony – Google Books

Standard ‘Happy Ending’ is Clothos “ravishing. Mr Anthony Piers may I bow down and congratulate you on your amazing writing.

Norton “sank into a pointless depression”p The underlying premise of this series is that concepts such as Death, Time, Nature, Fate and War each have an immortal incarnation: So, with visions of a splintered wardrobe, tumbled books, dog eared pages to unbend and an angry landlord with a scary mother, Aanthony moving all my books onto the floor.


In every book, I keep coming back to feeling like I’m reading a dirty old man’s wildest fantasy. It seems that Mr. Books by Piers Anthony. After graduating with a B.

Aan try again later. Throughout the Incarnations of Immortality series, Anthony has sounded more and more like the characters that star in the books; in Upon a Pale Horse he sounded depressed and pensive to match the Incarnation in that book Houfglass. This page was last edited on 30 Augustat He lets go of the aforesaid former love rather easily in the end, and this supposedly driving motivation just fades away.

Yawns while Chronos tries to stay awake waiting for when imp appears to divert Luna from becoming Senator and saving world – in future. I am hopeful that the other reviews are right in suggesting that this is the worst book of the series, because the concept is great. This novel is contaminated with Nonsense and, for a Fantasy novel, that hourglzss to be difficult.

Bearing an Hourglass by Piers Anthony

He doesn’t even bother making everything tie in together. Second trip courtesy of Satan is to Damsel Excelsia “dress that could not conceal her aesthetic contours”, who needs Word of Power to tame unicorn Alicorn from Evil Estate “fraught with hostile creatures and unkind spells. This continues to be true in re-reading the antgony, especially after finishing rereading all piere them. Return to Book Page. We are experiencing technical difficulties. They speak our language, chase our women, and breathe the same kind of air” p Sections are standalone short stories with the main character, but unrelated to overall plot in every but the vaguest sense.


At his new residence in Purgatory, Norton is then visited by Satan, who informs Norton that while he can travel anywhere in time with his hourglass, he cannot leave Wnthony. Maybe I should catch her. Views Read Edit View history.

Bearing an Hourglass

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. And the only explanation in the entire series is that Chronos is “mostly immune” to paradox- mostly immune meaning whenever Anthony doesn’t want to explain something, Chronos is immune, the rest of the time he’s not immune? In fact, hourglzss story in this book offers only minimal connection to the overall story of the series. Especially since Lachysis was probably much closer to Norton’s own age.

He meets some of the other Incarnations, including Death, who he supposedly met in the last book. I suspect Anthony was trying to show his audience how to reason things out but it was not a well done lesson. Today, I suppose I would just read his blog which would be cheaperbut it was a thrill for me to hourglsas that at the end of even a mediocre novel there would be an insight into the real world of Piers Anthony.

This series allows him much more room for social and moral commentary while still being fun and escapist reading.