The BCD has more fea- tures than we will cover, there- fore we recommend you down- load an electronic copy of the owner’s manual from. User guide • Read online or download PDF • Uniden BCD User Manual • Uniden Scanners. User manual for the device Uniden BCD. Online user manual database.

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Conventional Scanning Conventional scanning is a relatively simple concept. The recommended setting is midpoint.

However, you can use this option to display and enter talkgroups in digital format. Hc296d frequenciesselected for these services are the most commonly usedaround the U. If you store that frequency into a channel, the tone is also stored.

Uniden BCD User Manual | 88 pages

Buttons And Controls Then, press SCAN on both scanner to start the transfer. Programming Edacs Systems Adjust the squelch for Trunking mode. Review each channels frequency to see if it is still stored in Memory and is correct. Setting Edacs Decimal Mode Muting All Audio Trunked Scanning While conventional scanning worked great while there were only a manuall groups wanting to use the frequencies, with the advent of smaller, lower-cost radios more and more agencies and businesses wanted to take advantage of the utility of 2way radio.


ON Display all information 2: MODE Select, then set the modulation mode to use while searching the custom range.

Uniden BCD : Owners Manual Scanner BCD

Scratchy or robotic sound is heard during communications. OFF The scanner does not handle emergency transmissions any differently mnual other transmissions. Use the scroll bar to select the letter.

Using The Backlight The computer then assigns that talkgroup to achannel and sends the LCN so that all other radios in thattalkgroup will switch to the correct channel. The next two sectionsdescribe how to change the backlight options.

Here’s a link to the manual for your scanner.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Then enter the agency or the agency and fleet and press. HIGHSet the backlight to the brightest setting2: Modulation manuall of transmissions sent can be low.

Storing Found Frequencies To begin scanning, simply turn on bc296x scanner or, if thescanner is not currently scanning, press SCAN. Answer questions, earn points and help others Answer questions. These systems encode all control information asdigital subaudible data that accompanies each transmission,so there is no separate control channel.


Toggling End Code Detect At the end of each transmission, a digital burst is sent so that radios on the system will quickly switch back to the control channel.

It will disregard the ID to which you were just monitoring.

Nickel-metal Hydride Battery Disposal Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery Disposal When the battery supplied with your scanner no longer holds a charge, you need to replace it. This method may be used to restrict access to the repeater or receiver, or reduce interference where several stations with output frequencies in close proximity of each other make it difficult to hear the conversation you are interested in.

To program weather alert operation: Majual Edacs Emergency Alert The way these IDs manusl on your scanner depends on the block number and the blocks size code. To resume searching, press RSM.

This section describes how to store known frequencies into conventional channels.