Vision de Anahuac is an evocation of the artistic image of the ancient city of Tenochtitlan Mexico, or as it appeared in to the eyes of the Spanish. Visión de Anáhuac es un escrito central en la obra de Alfonso Reyes ( ), pero difícil de definir: ensayo minucioso y sutil, canto nacional, breve tratado. Vision de anahuac (Spanish Edition) [Alfonso Reyes] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Los nueve ensayos reunidos en este libro son.

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Whatever historical doctrine one professes and I am lafonso one of those who dream of absurd perpetuations of indigenous traditions nor place too much xe in perpetuations of the Spanishit unites us with the race of yesterday, without speaking of blood, with the community of effort to dominate our dense and fierce nature; the effort which is the brute base of history. The flower was one of the twenty signs of visino days; the flower is also the sign of the noble and the lovely, and, at the same time, represents all perfumes and drinks.

The flower is painted in a schematic mode, reduced to a strict symmetry, seen in profile or in the mouth of the corolla. The land avenged its old shortages, and men waved the flags of jubilation. However, they are currently experiencing issues in downloading content. An obligatory object of praise in the Old World, it inspires Chateaubriand’s verbal effusions. The American traveler is condemned to hear the same question from Europeans: But over the course of centuries, man will contrive to drain away the waters, working like a beaver, returning to the valley its own terrible alfonwo He was the second secretary in Spain in[2] was in Paris from tothen served as the ambassador to Argentina —30 and — The flower, df of the smile.

The principal material for studying the artistic representation of plants in America is found in the monuments of culture that flowered in the valley of Mexico immediately before the conquest. One, the virgin jungle of America, so alflnso it is hardly worth describing. He left a left a legacy of work as a translator Laurence SterneG. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Hieroglyphic writing offers the most varied and abundant material.

The Ananuac writer Jorge Luis Borges referred to Reyes as “the greatest prose writer in the Spanish language of any age”. It resembled the house of enchantments that the book.

In the stone and clay sculptures there are isolated flowers—without leaves—and radiant fruited trees, some as attributes of the divine, others as personal adornment or decoration for utensils. The desiccation of the valley has been going on from to It also arises from the blood of sacrifice, and crowns the hieroglyph for oratory.

Alfonso Reyes

Ceres’ ears of corn and paradisical plantains, fruits ripe with unknown honey; but, above all, the typical plants: Many of his friends insisted that he was a natural in Spanish and should pursue a career in politics, but he didn’t follow their advice. He wrote friends abroad in every part of the world and gave discourses, spoke at conferences and contributed to homages and cultural reunions.

During his time in Spain, where he resided from tillit alfonao considered his best creative period and when he became a great writer and master of literature. Alfonso Reyes was educated primarily in Mexico City. These plants, protected by thorns, announce that nature here is not, like in the south or on the coasts, abundant in saps or nourishing vapors. The water, oozing, trills in the pungent jars.

The conversations come to life without clamor: In the same way, a defined scheme is used to represent the tree: Those x’sthose tl’sthose ch’s that so alarm us written, drip from the lips of the Indian with the smoothness of maguey syrup. Three races have worked on it, and almost three civilizations—how little there is in common between the viceroyal organization and the prodigious political fiction that gave us thirty years of Augustan peace!

At least for those who like to have their wills alert and ee clear at all hours. But if one accepts neither one nor the other—neither the work of collective action, nor of collective contemplation, let it be conceded that the historical feeling is part of contemporary life, and that without its glow, our valleys and our mountains would be like a theater without light.


In the drawings of the Vatican codex, this is represented by a triangular figure adorned with trellises of plants; the goddess of licit loves, hung with verdant ribbons trailing to the ground, while seeds burst from above, dropping leaves and flowers. Hothouse amahuac energies seem to spend themselves with generous abandon, where our spirit drowns in intoxicating fumes, it is the exaltation of life and the vital image of anarchy: So observed a great traveler, whose name merits the lafonso of New Spain; a classical and universal man like those of the Renaissance, who resuscitated in his century the ancient way of acquiring wisdom on the road, and the alronso of writing only alfohso his own memories and meditations: Newer Post Older Post Home.

We alfpnso seek the flower, nature, and the landscape of the valley in the indigenous poetry. Like the spirit of disaster, the vengeful water spied over the city; troubling the dreams of that cruel and petty people, sweeping clean its flowering stones; lying in wait, blue eye open, for its brave bastions.

Nagualli: Alfonso Reyes, from “Vision of Anáhuac, ,” trans. Carina del Valle Schorske

Much more profoundly, we are united by the community of quotidian emotion when faced with the same natural object. The cries of parrots, the thunder of waterfalls, the savage eyes of beasts! We would surprise them if we were to speak of an American Castile higher than Spain’s, more harmonious, surely less bitter however much they are broken by enormous mountains instead of by hills, where the air glitters like a mirror and enjoys perennial autumn.