Home > People > Alexander De Seversky. ALEXANDER DE SEVERSKY. “The Roman Empire at the apex of its glory flourished in the era of land power. Pilot, inventor, designer, businessman, and visionary author, Alexander de Seversky led one of the most varied lives of his times. Born a Russian nobleman, . On the same day, Александр Николаевич Прокофьев-Северский (Alexander Nikolaievich Prokofiev de Seversky), the airplane’s designer, flew a second.

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It porpoised terribly for over an hour. Tsar Nicholas II intervened on his behalf and in Julyde Seversky returned to combat duty, downing his first enemy aircraft three days later. He worked for famed aviation advocate Gen. In he wrote a book alerting the nation to the need for better air power; entitled Victory Through Air Power it became a best seller.

Alexander de Seversky – IMDb

Miss Cochran said she used oxygen almost continuously during the alezander. By then he had become world renown as an expert in the areas of airpower and defense. Less than a year later he was back in the air, flying 57 missions, and downing 13 German aircraft to become Russia’s top Naval Ace.

Today, air power is a vital component of the U. Its absolute ceiling was alexanded, feet. Others may be twin-engined—such as the ship being readied at the Lockheed plant—and capable of terrific speeds. Seversky was granted an interview with the emperor of Japan who said the Japanese knew they were defeated and the nukes were a face saving method to surrender.

To prove to his superiors that he could still fly, Seversky appeared unannounced at an air show, but was quickly arrested following his impromptu spirited aerial performance. He was inducted into the Aviation Hall of Fame in for “his achievements as a pilot, aeronautical engineer, inventor, industrialist, author, strategist, consultant, and scientific advances in aircraft design and aerospace technology.

See and discover other items: Sascha de Seversky, who flew fighting planes for the Czar of Russia and now builds pursuit ships for the American Army, yesterday notched another hour off the already incredibly narrow time-space separating the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. A laboratory demonstration was acknowledged to require 90 watts to lift a two-ounce 60 g model, and no man-carrying version was ever built.


There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Over the next few years, Seversky filed patent claims, among them the first gyroscopically stabilized bombsight, which he developed with Sperry Gyroscope Company in Armament was the American standard of the day, one 0.

His Seversky Electroatom Corp of directed its efforts to defending the USA against nuclear attack, and to extraction of radioactive particles from the air. Jackie Cochran paints her race number, 13, of the fuselage of her Seversky AP Boyne, Aviation History Walter J.

Seversky sued for redress but while legal actions dragged on, the board of directors voted him out of the company he had created. A flamboyant character, he was well-suited to public appearances and often acted as an expert commentator on television and in documentaries.

Only after the Czar’s personal intervention in Julydid Seversky return to combat duty. Visit the Russia Profile for more information on Russian pioneers. Watch de Seversky explain his views in this interview with future 60 Minutes reporter Mike Wallace.

Victory Through Air Power. He attacked a German destroyer in the Gulf of Riga but was shot down before he could drop his bombs.

The Seversky Aircraft Company began operating out of new facilities in Severxky Island inpurchasing three factories, a flying field and hangar along with a seaplane assembly base at Famingdale and AmityvilleLong Island.

When the Bolsheviks took over, he decided that it was too dangerous for him to return alexandder Russia and made the United States his home. Seversky indicates in effect alexajder these were conventional fire bombing raids and not nukes. He had gobbled a husky breakfast of oatmeal, orange juice and toast in Manhattan as dawn arose over the skyscrapers at 3: Seversky was one of a number of strategic air advocates whose vision was realized in the creation of the Strategic Air Command and the development xeversky aircraft such as the Convair B and Boeing B Stratojet.

Although the Seversky fighter never achieved mph, it was judged by the best of the entries, and on June 16,Seversky alexandsr awarded a contract for 77 examples under the designation P The P closely followed the SEV In any case, Major Seversky had never been able to make money designing and building airplanes and he was edged out of the compnay he had started fro that purpose.


For his efforts and commitment to the issue of the superiority of aerial bombardment, President Harry Truman presented de Seversky with the Medal of Merit. Showing of 5 reviews.

Alexander de Seversky

When I got the plane back to the factory after the race a large wad of wrapping paper was discovered near the outlet of the right-wing tank. By September ofthe Seversky Aircraft Company was in bad financial condition again. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

He filed a patent for aerial refueling in and developed the first bombsight stabilized with a gyroscope, and invented many other aeronautical instruments. After a 40 minute refueling stop, and being congratulated for her Bendix win, she flew on to Bendix, New Jersey, setting a West-to-East Transcontinental Speed Record with a total elapsed time of 10 hours, 7 df, 1 second.

He shot down his first enemy plane three days later and claimed 3 more victories in August.

It even earned an Academy Award nomination in Vladimir 4th Class ; Order of St. Her elapsed time for the flight from California to Ohio was 8 hours, 10 minutes, But both competitors, the Curtiss Model 75 and the Northrop 3A, had retractable undercarriages. Seversky departed via Siberia and while in the U. Note how the landing gear retracts straight to the rear in this early version.

No wonder the drainage had been bad. It was a seversk seater with retractable wheels and hydraulically controlled floats that could be adjusted sevfrsky the best angle for take-off or level flight. TiflisGeorgiaRussian Empire. Sfversky P could make mph at 10, feet and it cold reach 15, feet in just under 7 minutes. I can almost see them still.