1 Theodore Adorno, ‘Trying to Understand Endgame’ in Samuel Beckett: Longman Critical Reader, eds. Jennifer. Birkett and Kate Ince (Essex: Pearson. As Theodor Adorno famously notes: ‘Understanding [Endgame] can mean Disagreement arises only over the identity of the side seeking to checkmate Ham. The text under discussion will be Theodor Adorno’s essay on Samuel Beckett’s Endgame, “Trying to Understand Endgame” [Versuch, das.

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The unedrstand is sharp, distinct and self-contained. But mostly, the playwright lets the situation speak for itself. And comparison requires a reference point to assess and measure the resemblance between one thing and another and eventually prove them to be the same: What Adorno and Beckett are looking for are not new forms of affirmation that could give us final comfort and security; their necessarily negative, critical and unapologetic approach aims for the rare moments, where, unexpectedly, the untruth of the absurd, of the inhumane condition leaps out and makes us surmise the presence of something completely different:.

But at least he may entertain the possibility that their own words might just have some immanent meaning, that is: The solution for the conundrum is to reflect the absurd on the formal level by drawing the consequences of the dissipation of sense.

He turns the telescope on the without, looks, lowers the telescope, turns towards Hamm. And these in turn inevitably foster the too to interpret them.

Why do the Existentialists end up in this paradoxical situation? Consumption rightfully indicates that the consumed thing is used up in the process and is therefore no longer part of a whole complete reification therefore consists of completely used-up things.

Consequently, it is all the same, it is all one, it is worthless. Theodor AdornoSamuel Beckett.

On Absurdity. Adorno, Beckett, and the Demise of Existentialism

Endgame depicts a world maybe rather a non-world: He moves the telescope. This is slow work. In all these cases, the possibility of generalizing a particular experience to a whole class endgwme comparable objects remains unconvincing. The seeds that have not sprouted are also offered as experimental proof that no renewal is possible.


They insulted us to our faces.

Samuel Beckett and Philosophy after Deleuze and Guattari. According to the philosopher, explaining the unexplainable was more or less the project of the Enlightenment. Language therefore becomes absurd not by silence, but by the paradox state where it speaks without speaking and therefore becomes truly senseless and empty. Or else, it must certainly be a joke.

Clov starts, drops the telescope and begins to scratch his belly with both hands. Reduced to tools, the elements of nature are integrated into specific dynamics of profit and power and are no longer able to unite in a universal synthesis. McMillan, Douglas and Marta Fehsenfeld. The absurd remains external to the singular sentence or subject.

It designates the crumbling of the whole edifice of knowledge predicated upon reason that had been erected throughout the past centuries.

For example, direct democracy requires citizens that are not only capable to participate, but also capable of participating in political decisions, and it should therefore be interested in promoting good education for everyone, one that can teach its citizens to think independently in theory, that is ; on the other hand, the individuals need to make sure that this setup does not get corrupted, by participating in the political decision process and voting.

For the Existentialists the absurd remains an idea, a theme that is treated on the contentual level within a traditional form the play, the novel. During the Nazi occupation, the external world has become so hostile that the individual was potentially urged to break its ties with society, assume responsibility for what is happening and was thrown back to its authentic self.

Some wine will be served and people are welcome to bring their own. Where do they fail?

Enlightenment, understood in the widest sense as the advance of thought, has always aimed at liberating human beings from fear and installing them as masters. Human beings, once they are completely reduced to machines, will not spontaneously become individuals due to an ensgame metaphysical structure. After all, the artistic idiom is supposed to supply a more visceral expression of whatever cannot be set out in plain and accurate technical language, so as to make it more palpable.

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On Absurdity. Adorno, Beckett, and the Demise of Existentialism

Not an underplot, I trust. Adorno, Theodor and Michael T. We had lost all our rights, and first of all our right to speak. CLOV anguished, scratching himself: Yet the wholly enlightened earth radiates under the sign of triumphant calamity Adorno1.

Repetition, Theory and Text. Thus it does not allow any game of substitution. Radically independent, the subject will dissolve, and not become free.

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Despite the hopelessness at the end of the novel, a glimmer of hope is conserved in the thought that outward circumstances can always be changed and considering that Orwell also uses the traditional form of the novel with Smith as its protagonist, we could again say that he presupposes the immutable individual straight away as he is singled out right from the start.

Michael Springer York will give a short introduction to Adorno’s work and its relation to Samuel Beckett’s writing, which will be followed by a tryinng discussion of the essay as both theory and commentary. This, as Adorno would say, is deeply anachronistic, ideological even, because the untruth of it is metaphysically attested. This means, that the experience of the absurd is an authentic one; for it to be authentic, though, it endtame to be experienced by an equally authentic subject.

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